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25 Years and more working to make your life simpler

At 3i Studio we have been creating CaFM software for over 25 years. Our flagship ESTATE Suite® software has been helping FM Managers in the public and private sectors to achieve more, saving time and money in the process.

Company Timeline



Fair Pricing for a good ROI


Fair Pricing for a good ROI


Fair Pricing for a good ROI

Company Overview

Established in 1992 and Incorporated in 1996 3i Studio was set up to create software to meet the needs of estates management professionals. Our knowledgeable staff work closely with our clients to make sure that our software is constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs with in the estates management sector.

3i Studio have been working primarily with Government Sector organisations for over 25 years to produce and maintain estate asset management data used to streamline the day to day running of their estates, also aiding better strategic decisions to be made.

Our software and support are used across the UK including; Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and the Republic of Ireland, and we pride ourselves on our long-standing relationships, and high-quality service.

We are a family company and pride ourselves on having a strong set of core values which inform our daily business dealings.


Our Core Values

As a family company we strongly believe in the need for an ethical approach to the way we run our business, indeed in coming up with the 3i name we agreed that one of the ‘three i’s’ should be integrity. This means everything to us at every level of the business from day to day work in the office and software development to dealing with our clients and also with sales. 

Ethical pricing is something that means a lot to us. When we first began developing the software some 26 years ago we did so with the intention of both making the lives of Estate Managers easier and also allowing companies to save money and this commitment has not changed. We price our software in a fair way, so instead of paying for a license for every user you pay for a number of concurent users. This means for large organisations, such as NHS Trusts significant savings can be made over other software, and for a small business with three or 4 users, a single concurrent licence can often be enough. 

Excellence and Integrity

3i Studio’s outstanding solutions and service are a direct result of our company values, which are engrained in all that we do:

Customer Driven

“Understand and exceed customer needs and expectations”

  • Foster a customer first outward looking mentality
  • Exhibit flexibility in customer transactions
  • Demonstrate a sense of urgency and unmatched responsiveness to all customer requests
  • Promote a seamless 3i Studio/customer interface


“Conduct all business with unquestioned integrity”

  • Be open, honest and respectful
  • Adhere to the highest standards of business ethics without exception
  • Meet commitments
  • Develop trusting relationships with all stakeholders
  • Hold ourselves accountable for results

Operational Excellence

“Demonstrate competitively superior quality and performance in all our products and services”

  • Constantly seek to improve quality and reliability
  • Seek to resolve root issues as they occur
  • Establish clearly defined performance standards and measurements
  • Exercise continuous process improvement

Economic Value

“Maximise value through products and services with the lowest total cost of ownership”

  • Be continually focused on cost improvement
  • Achieve an industry leading return on investment
  • Encourage teamwork, empowerment, learning and innovation
  • Deliver value to our customers while also meeting our profit objectives
  • Make significant capital and technology investment in areas that add customer value

Community Impact

“Share our success by supporting charitable causes and employee volunteer activity”

  • It’s important to give back to the communities in which we work and live as well as to others around the globe
  • We support employees who volunteer their time and resources to support the community through involvement in charitable work
  • We support charitable causes locally and around the globe

Standing Out From The Crowd

3i Studio provide a suite of intuitive estates management software modules that are not only the best value alternative, but will deliver you measurable improvements in your property management. We stand out from other CAFM solution providers, so much so that we are in our third term as soleprovider for NHS Scotland.

Our solutions deliver, genuine, measurable ROI

Our cost-effective solutions allow you to streamline your processes, increase your efficiency, save you time and reduce your costs to deliver a quantifiable ROI on the investment in the software.

Our people are specialists in property management

We are proud of the technical ability of our staff. All the members of the team have an unsurpassed depth of knowledge of the processes involved in the collection, management and analysis of estates data. The project management team all have practical surveying experience as well as proven software project management skills. The in-depth knowledge of our projects team together with a totally in-house development team has given even our largest enterprise clients confidence that we can meet all their system requirements. So much so, in fact, that two of our national NHS enterprise clients have renewed their contracts for a third time.

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