Property and Asset Management

Designed for busy estate professionals, ESTATE Manager is a high quality, easy to use property and asset management software solution; giving you the vital tools you need to effectively manage your property and asset portfolio. Storing all your essential facilities data you can keep up-to-date with changes in your building stock.

Suitable for all skill levels within your team, this Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) software has easy to use screens and an uncomplicated structure. The reporting element gives you easy access to your data without needing lots of manipulation or maintenance – this will keep your administrative overheads low

The ESTATE Manager module is a must have for any professional charged with getting the best from their building portfolio.

Centralise Core Estates Information

All in one place for easy access and management.

Store detailed space occupancy information

allowing you to easily track and visualise occupancy

HSG265 an HSG227 Compliant

Integrated Asbestos Register

Conformance to NHS 'Risk Adjuster'

backlog maintenance methodology

ESTATE Manager Features


Geographical Information System

Giving you a graphical overview of the entire estate, easily identify buildings with key information such as asbestos risk, building condition, and building use.


In-depth Property Information

Store all the information about your sites and buildings in a centralised repository, allowing quick overviews of the whole estate.


Store Detailed Space Occupancy Information

Although the system comes with an ‘out of the box set-up’ almost all screens can be configured to suit your working practices, or specific tasks.


Track Running Costs

Keeping you abreast of building efficiency, compare current and historical costs, and analyse the performance of buildings across your estate, making it easier to report and justify costs.


Stock Condition Appraisal with Backlog and Budget Costs

Giving you an overview of the stock condition, storing current and completed information and group work into schemes for completion so, managing ongoing maintenance projects is easier and more efficient.


Estate Wide Reporting

A wide range of reporting options are available within the software, allowing you just one place to access all the information and analysis you might be asked for.


Maintain Accurate Budgetary Control Using ‘Live’ Condition Data

Take advantage of our unique process methodology for maintaining stock condition data ‘live’ rather than simply historic; allowing you to maintain accurate budgetary control.


Compliance Certificate Register

View and track all of your key compliance dates & documents in a single easy to read interface, with intuitive colour coding that shows all you need to know in one place.

ESTATE Manager

Enhanced set of Property and Asset management tools for Estates and FM.

ESTATE Terrier

Manage aquisitions, leases and agreements, disposals, covenants and easements.


Fault reporting, Work Requests & Planned Maintenance.

RISK Manager

Manage Health & Safety and Fire Risk assessments, including Statuatory Req.


Environmental Performance Monitoring and Utilities bills and payment tracking.

FM Portal

Integrate Project and Tender management with other ESTATE Suite data.

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