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Designed for the in-depth management of legal property information, ESTATE Terrier is a key element within ESTATE Suite giving you the ability to store, track and manage legal information, documentation and task reminders.

Live Data at Your Finger Tips

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Better Record Keeping

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Never Miss Key Dates

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Current and Historic Property Data

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For the Estate Manager and/or Estate Solicitor a key element within the estates department is managing the legal aspects of the property portfolio. With the ESTATE Terrier module, you add to your property management software the ability to store and track lease data along with all associated legal documentation.

ESTATE Terrier goes further than storage, it can help you manage your processes with straightforward screens and intuitive processes ensuring tasks are completed easily and on time.

With the ESTATE Terrier module, you can manage acquisitions, disposals, leases and all manner of legal documentation. It is Geographic Information System (GIS) ready so you will benefit from better record keeping, improved communication, informed decision making and greater efficiency within the department.

Task management within the module allows you to set up your own process to manage date-related tasks; important for buying and selling assets and managing leasehold property. ESTATE Terrier has a Key Dates reminder screen to make keeping track of deadlines easy.

The lease/licence section allows you to view the full rental history and current status of any part of your portfolio. You can also store apportioned costs, such as insurances, for any number of leases. A really useful tool should you need to reassign the layout to a larger number of tenants.

There are areas for you to input restrictive covenants, wayleaves etc. and in every area you can store notes, comments and conversations using the comprehensive memo facilities.

With direct connection to the FM Portal, you can share information easily with other people via your intranet or the web.

ESTATE Manager Features


Fast and Easy to Access to all Lease information

Allowing you to monitor, view and retrieve all information on leases and licences at the drop of a hat!


Instant Reporting for Faster Decision Making

You can pull up progress reports at any stage in the lease, sale or purchase for the latest information, helping you to make informed decisions.


Better Record Keeping

ESTATE Terrier provides space for you to store and access quickly and easily all information relation to leases, purchases and sales on a building by building basis. Holding all this information in one place makes it easier to pull up the relevant information at any given time.


Up-to-date Information at Your Fingertips

ESTATE Terrier stores full historic details of all payments made with dates and balances, along with an overview of current balance so you always know what is going on and can head off issues before they arise.


Never Miss a Key Date Again

Track key dates for leases, licenses, purchases and rental data all on one screen so they never sneak up on you again.


Easily Manage Individual Covenants and Easements

ESTATE Terrier handles the details of all your site/building related easements and restrictions.


Instant Access to Photographs, Plans or Documents

with ESTATE Suite the system wide graphics component provides you with the ability to access any stored documents, even allowing you to include building photographs in the reports you run.


Current and Historic Property Valuation Data

with the ESTATE Suite system you can store and access any type of property valuation providing you with useful current and historic data.

ESTATE Manager

Enhanced set of Property and Asset management tools for Estates and FM.

ESTATE Terrier

Manage aquisitions, leases and agreements, disposals, covenants and easements.


Fault reporting, Work Requests & Planned Maintenance.

RISK Manager

Manage Health & Safety and Fire Risk assessments, including Statuatory Req.


Environmental Performance Monitoring and Utilities bills and payment tracking.

FM Portal

Integrate Project and Tender management with other ESTATE Suite data.

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