GIS – Updates
Overhaul of the Graphical User Interface

During the intital development and testing of the GIS Component we realised there was a huge amount of potential for integrating the visual aspects of the compenent as function of the core GUI so we have re-developed the component with the intention of using then main map as a way of navigating all the location based data directly from the map, rather than having to trawl tables.

A History of the GIS Module

When we first began development of the GIS module we knew we wanted to find a way to show site and block location data in a visual way. We set out with the intial goal of showing this data on an embedded Google Map with pins.

During the first phase of Version 10 testing we had very clear and positive feedback from our testers, but without exception the one requested feature or question that really stood out was whether we could add additional functionality to the pins.

After more than a year of further development, at times hindered by the need to re-code key functions to allow this we are now in the position where the GIS Maps now allow displaying and filtering of key data along with a nuber of other useful functions.

Zoom to Building Level

Access to the new functions is found using the drop-down menu which is activated by clicking on a site pin.

Sites and Blocks Information

Sites and Blocks information can now be accessed directly from the GIS Map allowing an easier visual interface for key information than a table. This is useful in particular for finding information about a specific location quickly. For more in-depth comparisons and reporting you should still use table view from the relevant component.

Instant Directions from Google

At the request of a number of our larger Enterprise Clients we have added the function to get directions to a specific site or building simply by selecting from the drop-down menu and entering your postcode. However, we know a number of clients have failed to enter all Geo Location data for their sites and blocks so please use with caution and check your endpoints before setting out 🙂

Development to Continue

Finally, we want to assure you that development and testing on this component is not finished. We are planning to give the development a brief pause while we focus on testing and bug-fixes before BETA release but once it has been released into the wild we plan on returning and developing the component further, in conjucntion with further feedback from our clients and testers.

Simon Andrew (Tester and Web Manager)

Jordan Reynolds


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