Software Hosting

ESTATE Suite is now based on SAAS Model thanks to our partnership with the Crown Commercial Service and G-Cloud Hosting via the Digital Marketplace. This is a guarentee our software passes the strictest security requirements for all our Public Sector Clients.

Why not let us host your software for you? It’s secure, you won’t be charged any extra, and you can enjoy many additional benefits.

Securely hosting your software at no extra cost

  • 99.5% + reliability – our dedicated servers run with 99.5% up time. They are only down for essential system maintenance, which is carried out over weekends to avoid normal working hours disruption
  • Upgrades as they become available – they’re applied to your system within hours of launch. There’s no down time while this is happening, it’s a seamless process with no effect on users
  • Quick fixes re; bugs, patches and minor changes – operating software issues are easily resolved
  • Data issue resolution – with direct access to data on our servers we investigate and report on issues faster
  • No third-party complications – less third-party intervention means fewer issues with system access when applying your upgrades and fixes
  • Real-time training – access to the same screens and data seen by you and your operators enable us to give you a real-time online helping hand when it comes to using the software
  • It’s secure – we’ve passed the most demanding Government security requirements

Explaination of Terms

We realise that sometimes terminology can be confusing so to help we have written some very short descriptions of these three key terms.

1. SAAS refers to cloud hosted software where the software is hosted elsewhere and made available to the customer via the internet. This removes the need for self-hosting, reducing the potential hardware and maintenance overheads to the customer and making it easier to have software that is always uptodate on responsive, secure hosting platforms.

2. Corporate Software solutions are a group of services provided by Crown Commerical Services a government platform for the procurement of goods and services available to Government, Public Sector and Third Sector organisations.

3. Digital Marketplace and G-Cloud are our way of providing and hosting the software. The software itself can be found and bought through Digital Marketplace where licensing can be managed and G-Cloud (not to be confused with Google Cloud) is the hosting provision from Crown Commercial Services. Unfortunately, Digital Marketplace is not very easy to search but here is a link to our page.

Server Options

Keen on cloud hosting or would you prefer to install our software on your own servers? Whatever the option, we can meet your needs.

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