Version 10

Anniversary Edition

ESTATE Suite comes with a wide range of software packages and components so you can be sure to find what you need. The integrated reporting and analysis tools to assist you in your daily FM work and allow you to make the most of your data.

Now available in both on-site and Saas versions choose whether you want to host yourself or host securely using Government Provisioned G-Cloud.

Key Features


Task Management

Document Management

Enhanced Security

Complete User Control

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Software Modules

Our software is modular allowing you to choose the functions you require and expand as needs change.

Bundled as software packages, our software modules allow you to build on the software’s core modules to create a tailored software suite. Additional, in app settings allow you to further ‘tweak’ the software to best-fit your use case be it Small Business, Medium or Enterprise.

We have a number of large Enterprise clients but we aim to deliver the same standard and flexibility of service, no matter the business size.

ESTATE Manager

Enhanced set of Property and Asset management tools for Estates and FM.


Engineers hand-held work assignments and task and time tracking.

ESTATE Terrier

Manage aquisitions, leases and agreements, disposals, covenants and easements.


Strategic Estates and Facilities Planning with integrated reporting tools.

Property File

Create and store Electronic Building Manuals and Plans.


Fault reporting, Work Requests & Planned Maintenance.


Environmental Performance Monitoring and Utilities bills and payment tracking.

CAPITAL Projects

Integrate Project and Tender management with other ESTATE Suite data.

RISK Manager

Manage Health & Safety and Fire Risk assessments, including Statuatory Req.


Integrated Global Information system with google maps api.

The five highlighted areas above (Enhanced Security etc Expanded.


Dashboards allow a customisable way of easily seeing your data and built in reporting allows this data to be exported easily.

Task Management

Fully integrated at component level you can easily create tasks from other components. See and manage your tasks and those of others in Dashboards.

Enhanced Security

Our software provides enhanced security, including two-factor authentification, https and 256 bit encryption. All this managed in an easy to use way. 

Complete User Control

User management allows users to be managed on an enterprise, organisation and  level allowing full control of component access and user rights

Document Management

Integrated document management with ‘Drag n Drop interface allows management of documents, images and FM certificates

Choose a Plan that Works for You

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Mobile Optimised where you need it

We give you mobile responsiveness when and where you need it most

We know FM and we realise that most FM Manaegrs work directly from their desktops, in the office on the organisations network. For this reason we have optimised the software experience for normal desktop use. Mobile capabilities have been built in at app level for maintenance mobile to ensure your on-site workers have a fully usable experience on mobile devices. This is to avoid the compromise of performance of a mobile opimisation for all components.

Read Our Latest News

Developer Notes.

Catch up on the latest in our developers blog. See what we are working on, the current stages of features in the pipeline and more.

GIS Developer notes.

When we first began development of the GIS module we knew we wanted to find a way to show site and block location data in a visual way. We set out with the intial goal of showing this data on an embedded Google Map with pins.

During the first phase of Version 10 testing we had very clear and positive feedback from our testers, but without exception the one requested feature or question that really stood out was whether we could add additional functionality to the pins.

After more than a year of further development, at times hindered by the need to re-code key functions to allow this we are now in the position where the GIS Maps now allow displaying and filtering of key data along with a nuber of other useful functions.

Blog with

A very short excerpt of around 150 characters and a simple Read more link

Blog with

A very short excerpt of around 150 characters and a simple Read more link

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