Version 10

Anniversary Edition

We are proud to announce the upcoming release of the Anniversary Edition of Estate Suite Version 10. Numbered Release V10_A_**** this latest edition will bring some of the latest features that we have been working on, along with GUI enhancements, stability and performance fixes and an upgraded help and support systems integrations.

This release will be available free of charge to all existing Founder Members and can be requested instead of the standard updates.  Please note WE WILL NOT upgrade you automatically so please click the button below to request a compatibility check prior to upgrade.

The Anniverary Edition - Packed with goodness

CONTENT NOT MODIFIED. When we first began development of the RISK Manager component it became clear that simply creating a repository for existing Risk Assessments would not be enough. A risk assessment is, after all only of use if it informs of risk and thus through mitigation helps to reduce the identified risks.

By building the RM component into the ESTATE Site we are able to give the capability to store RISK Assessments linked to specific geopgraphical locations. Further, document information such as Version Numbers, Revision History and Author Meta data helps you as a FM Manager to easily see the relevant document information. 

Integration with TASK Manager and MAINTENANCE Manager

By integrating the component with TASK Manager we have created a system where you can easily schedule linked tasks related to a risk, such as setting review dates and completion, scheduling site inspections and organising training for relevant staff members. Integration with MAINTENANCE Manager allows you to send any relevant risk information attached along with a work assignment directly to you maintenance team. In addition, it allows the possibility to schedule recurring testing tasks, such as testing water or testing fire alarms and then to record the relevant test data during and on completion of the tests. Furthermore, built in reporting allows you to see at a glance any outstanding/overdue testing so that you can action it as soon as possible.

Fire Risk and Fire Incidents

Managing Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Inspection Reports and Logging and tracking fire incidents has never been easier. With this integrated component you are able to effectively log and track all the required information to ensure legal compliance. Further, Integration with GIS Module helps to see and filter data visually from a Map View so you can see at a glance any ‘At Risk’ blocks where required actions (such as fire alarm testing or fire inspection requests) are outstanding.


Feature List

  • Definable Assessment Forms – choose from stand templates or design your own; either way you can be sure that you are prompted with everything you need to make the assessment.
  • Accurate Training Records – store a full history of all training and staff that have been trained.
  • Create and Schedule Tasks – whether something is spotted during a risk assessment or during a survey, you can create tasks for remedial action.
  • Key dates reminders – view all scheduled tasks in a single concise view so you can see where you are up to in a single glance.
  • Register of fire drawings – easy access to stored links to all fire and equipment drawings.
  • Fire equipment register – build and store a comprehensive register of all your fire equipment.

Continuing to Innovate

Finally, we want to assure you that because of the changing nature of the legal reqirements around Risk Management we will strive to continue to research legislative changes and innovate to ensure you are always one step ahead of the game.

Simon Andrew (Tester and Web Manager)

Tim Andrew


As CEO of our family company it gives me great pride to announce this latest release we feel sure will bring some new features along with features we have promised. Originally planned for release nearly a year ago we didn’t want this release to be tainted with reliabilty issues and bugs so we have spent a long time fine tuning to ensure the best quaily of product. 


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